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About Springwood Bowls

Springwood Bowls has a long and successful history. Officially opened in 1938 it has provided both social and recreation facilities to the community for more than 75 years. 

Now part of the Springwood Sporting Club it offers a friendly environment for playing bowls for the whole family and a host of facilities within the new modern building.
The Bowling Club’s two greens are busy throughout the week and often host visiting bowlers for social and tournament play. Our Men’s and Women’s Bowling Clubs welcome visitors and new members. We provide instruction if you wish to take up the great game of bowls. Both men and women’s teams play social bowls every week and enter teams in Zone Pennant events.

We also host Barefoot Bowls for private and corporate events which is a fun way to socialise and a good introduction to the game.

History of our Springwood Bowls

To view an article that traces the history of Springwood Bowls from it's inception in 1937 through to current times, link here.

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Bowls- a game for life

If you are not playing lawn bowls, you don’t know what you’re missing – challenges, light exercise, a low cost sport and above all fun and friendship. If you’re looking for competition or just social bowls, all your needs are catered for at Springwood Bowls.  

New bowlers are nurtured, coached and encouraged while, for experienced bowlers, there are plenty of challenges. Come on give it a go – it’s a game for life. It’s never too late to start- you’re never too young or too old. We would love to see here at Springwood bowls, you would be most welcome.

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