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How to join

Thinking of joining Springwood Bowls? Here are the steps required to join the bowling club as a new bowler:
Contact us using the Contact Details page, perhaps visit us at the Club or, use the Membership Enquiry Form.

  • Whichever contact method you use, a membership representative will contact you and organise dates and times for a club coach to introduce you to the game of bowls. There is no cost involved for the introduction coaching sessions.
  • After several sessions, your coach will contact the membership representative so forms and payment of fees can be completed.
  • At this stage you must either be a member or make application to join the Springwood Sports Club. 
  • While bowls can be borrowed from the club in the initial stage you will need to purchase a set of bowls.  Your coach will assist you with the selection of an appropriate bowl size and possible sites where they can be purchase.
  • Then, you can organise with your coach to start playing on our club days which are:
  • Tuesday        9.30am - Open Gender
  • Wednesday  9.30am - Men (1.00pm in winter months)
  • Thursday     9.30am - Women
  • Friday           1pm - Men
  • Saturday      9.30am - Open Gender
  • Saturday      1pm - Open gender
  • Men require a club shirt for social bowls and full uniform for championships. Women do not require  a uniform until you compete in club championships.  
  • To play social bowls you need to register on our Team App. The procedure on how to do this will be explained by a membership representative.

That's it, not that difficult. If you have any questions on any of the procedures to join us, please contact: for women's bowls - Karen Coleman on 0407772591 - email, and for men's bowls - John Coleman on 0448072308 - email

Further information

For perspective member who want more precise information about playing lawn bowls, we have prepared a listing of frequently asked questions, with our answers. To view this additional information link to our FAQ page.