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How to join

Thinking of joining Springwood Bowling Club? Here are the steps required to join us as a new bowler:
Contact us using the Contact Details page, perhaps visit us at the Club or, use the Membership Enquiry Form.

  • Whichever contact method you use, a membership representative will contact you and organise dates and times for a club coach to introduce you to the game of bowls. There is no cost involved for the introduction coaching sessions.
  • After several sessions, your coach will contact the membership representative so forms and payment of fees can be completed.
  • At this stage you must either be a member or make application to join the Springwood Sports Club. 
  • While bowls can be borrowed from the club in the initial stage you will need to purchase a set of bowls.  Your coach will assist you with the selection of an appropriate bowl size and possible sites where they can be purchase.
  • Then, you can organise with your coach to start playing on our club days which are:
  • Tuesday        9.30am - Open Gender
  • Wednesday  9.30am - Open Gender
  • Thursday     9.30am - Women
  • Friday           1pm - Men
  • Saturday      9.30am - Open Gender
  • To play social bowls you need to register on our Team App. The procedure on how to do this will be explained by a membership representative.

That's it, not that difficult. If you have any questions about any of the procedures required to join us, please contact our Membership Officer, Graham Hodgkins on 0493797184, or use the Membership Enquiry Form.

Further information

For perspective member who want more precise information about playing lawn bowls, we have prepared a listing of frequently asked questions, with our answers. To view this additional information link to our FAQ page.