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Bowling Program

We have an extensive and varied bowling program to suit all types of bowlers. Some social bowls sessions are for men, others for women and some are mixed. For the more competitive bowlers, club championships and pennant bowls are held at various times throughout the year.

While the days and times listed below for social bowls are reasonably accurate there can be variations to our program. The Club uses Team App to notify members of upcoming events and changes to the bowls program.     

  • Social Bowling Program
  • Tuesdays – Open Gender, 9.30am start - Selected pairs or triples
  • Wednesdays – Men,  9.30am start (1.00pm in winter months)  - Selected pairs or triples
  • Thursdays  – Women, 10.00am start - Selected pairs or triples   
  • Fridays – Men, 1.00 pm start - Nominated pairs
  • Saturday mornings – Open Gender, 9.30am start - Selected pairs or triples
  • Saturday afternoons – Open Gender, 1.00pm start - Nominated pairs


  • There may be variations to our program due to competitions and tournaments.
  • Visiting players for Wednesday, Friday or Saturday PM can contact Glenn Blatmann on 0414446422
  • Visiting players for Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday AM can contact Maureen Cole on 0414512692

  • Club Championships - Details:

Held at various times, in varying classification and game formats our Club Championships give members the opportunity to match their bowling skills against fellow members. Details on the timing of these events will be made available via Team App.   

  • Pennants

For the more competitive bowlers there is the option to join our Pennant teams. Springwood Bowls competes in the Men's Zone 5 - Greater Western Sydney and in the Women’s Nepean District competitions and enters teams in various grades. The Single Gender pennant competition is currently scheduled to commence in August 2022 and the Open gender competition in February 2023. Additional information about the Pennants will be made available to members through Team App.

  • Tournaments 

Held at various times during the year our Tournaments are intended to commemorate former members, mark important occasions, and promote the Club's identity. Currently these special events include:

  • Jack & Ruby Russel Shield - Open Tournament - January
  • Anzac Shield - Open Tournament - April
  • Rotating Triples - Women’s Tournament - June
  • Springwood in Springtime - Men’s and Women’s events - October